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​​​​​​“Pirates of the Caribbean: Tides of War” is a browser-based strategy game based on the legendary Disney film franchise. Set sail on a treasure hunt with Captain Jack Sparrow, Will Turner, Captain Barbossa, and other renowned characters. Wage battles for untold riches, survive dangerous adventures, and make the pirate's life yours!

Lead a squad of the most savage seadogs across the Caribbean and mercilessly raid ships on the high seas. Set up a base with a personal flotilla and a fortress to trade or hide from pursuing enemies. Form a pirate alliance to hunt mythical creatures or plunder port cities and fully immerse yourself in the world of DIsney's Pirates of the Caribbean movie franchise. Fair winds, Captain!

  • The scourge of the seas

    Hire a team of notorious sea bandits for upcoming battles. Board enemy ships belonging to other players from all over the world. Plunder the East India Company's colonies and port cities. Show those landlubbers who is the most dangerous captain in the Caribbean!

  • My home is my castle

    Construct an impregnable pirate hideout where you can build a personal fleet from out of 14 classes of ships, trade, and forge your own equipment. Develop your territory and upgrade ships with looted resources, but don't forget to set up defenses as a pirate's bounty is always up for grabs!

  • Friendship is the ship that never sinks

    Choose an existing alliance or form your own to cooperate with pirates from all over the globe. Join forces to hunt sea monsters and storm port cities to carry away untold riches or request aid in the moments of your greatest need.

  • Journey with familiar faces

    Embark on an adventure with Jack Sparrow, Will Turner, Captain Barbossa, and other swashbucklers from the Pirates of the Caribbean film franchise. The story mode offers unique tasks and a chance to meet familiar characters or helm the iconic ships of the cinematic universe. So weigh the anchor and hoist the sails on the Black Pearl!