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Era of Legends Calls to Arms!

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Begin your epic adventure in the boundless world of Era of Legends, a new MMORPG! You will have a massive open world to discover, an emotional story to follow and unique gameplay features to experiment with! It’s up to you whether to shoot enemies from a griffin's back or demolish demon hordes with a giant robot. Make your own history!

Key features:

- Immense explorable world;
- Battle diversity and tactical; freedom: choose one of 8 classes, combine various skills and use familiars as support;
- Collector’s dream: multiple mounts, familiars, hero skins, and other collectibles;
- Best MMORPG features combined: clans, dungeons, massive battles, raids, story quests, and unique events;
- Amazing visuals and graphics.

The game will be available in App Store and Google Play. Submit your e-mail to get a unique mount on the release:

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Era of Legends