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Contest "Catch Your Luck... Again!"

duela 8 hilabete

Dear players! We have 3 hero bundles and 3 wanderer bundles which we are going to raffle in our gamer's community!
Your task is very simple: make any comment in this thread until 23:59 CET on December 27, and you'll participate this raffle.

Three random participants will get a hero bundle each, which includes:
Superb Exp Scroll (x4)
Hero Upgrade Stone (x20)
Diamond (x500)

Three random participants will get a wanderer bundle each, which includes:
Adv. Exp Scroll (x10)
Wings Upgrade Stone (x10)
Left Wing Crystal (x1)

Contest terms
Duration of the contest: 21 of December - 27 of December, 23:59 CET.
A participant can have only one prize. Using more than 1 forum account is forbidden.
Bundle codes will be sent in private messages during 5 working days.

Good luck and Happy Holidays!
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